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BUSKIN is an intriguing combination of the writing and performing talents of father David Buskin and daughter Sophie Buskin.

David Buskin has been writing and performing music his entire (long) life, most recently as part of the notorious “geezer trio” Modern Man and for years as half of the legendary folk/rock duo Buskin & Batteau, where his multiple vocal, songwriting and instrumental chops were given free rein. His songs and jingles have been recorded by countless artists, and he has won numerous awards – Clio, Bistro, NY Nightlife, Kate Wolf, Jamie deRoy ASCAP Songwriter and more.


Their voices blend thrillingly, as frequently seems to happen when there is shared DNA, and their writing styles – his out of folkie roots, hers more grounded in alternative bands – combine in a compelling and nuanced multi-generational hybrid.

db & SJB  at Judy's (cropped).jpg

©Judy Mauer 2017

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